Our workshops are designed to have real and lasting impact. Learning narratives are carefully crafted and delivery focuses on authentic communication. You can’t beat experience and natural empathy, everyone in our team knows the difference a really good workshop can make.

All workshops are priced individually and can be personalised and repeated for multiple audiences.

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** In this current period affected by COVID-19 all workshops will be carried out using Zoom video conferencing **

Shortcut to developing effective people

Developing effective people has never been more important to companies, and the individuals themselves. As products, services and workplaces evolve, the pressure on people to keep up or lead the inevitable change is increasing on a daily basis. More info

Decision making in emotionally rich environments

Working in customer and employee experience frequently increases emotion into decisions and the resultant actions that are taken. This series of three 90-minute workshops introduces participants to practical steps that can be taken to reduce the difficulty decisions can cause, whilst increasing the quality and influence of the outcomes they produce. More info