Guided short courses

Our interactive, online short courses are designed to work alongside your day job, maximising the benefit for you and your people.
A member of our QoE Pro team works with you for the duration of the course to guide you through a carefully crafted learning experience.

Courses are typically run over eight days with a kick off video session on the first Monday and a final presentation on the following Monday.  Participants can be from one or multiple companies, depending on the subject matter and personal preference.

The objective is to stimulate new thinking, enabling you to generate positive, tangible outcomes in your own working environment.

Learning outcomes

Each course has clearly defined outcomes and competencies that participants will achieve by the end of the course. These can be tailored in advance to suit individual or groups as required.


The knowledge and experience of your course guide will be available throughout the week to facilitate the unique learning requirements of each participant. Support from additional members of our QoE Pro team is available as required.


Activities are designed in advance to stimulate the search for the contextual knowledge and learning vital to a successful outcome. Further activities are then developed by the coach in response to the specific needs of individuals and groups to enrich the learning experience.

Materials and resource

The QoE provides the materials, resource and technical support to enable an effective and engaging experience. Participants will need access to their usual business tools during the week and for preparation of their final presentation.

Delivering your employee experience strategy

Employee experience is increasingly recognised as a priority in developing sustainable businesses.

In this 1 week course, we help you develop practical steps to plan and deliver your employee experience strategy. Using a combination of live online sessions and 1 to 1 coaching, you will learn

  • How you can influence key people in your organisation to move employee experience forward
  • What could derail your employee experience strategy, and how you can avoid this
  • How your employee experience strategy relates to your overall business strategy
  • What success looks like to you and others

When: scheduled start date to meet your requirements

Where: using video conferencing

How much: £625 per person (Discounts for individual and company members)


Temporary HOME working

 If you suddenly need to work at home, how do you do it?

Our 1 week course on working at home temporarily, helps you to identify and tackle the main challenges you’ll face. Through a combination of live online sessions and 1 to 1 coaching, you’ll learn how to

  • Develop a productive home working relationship with your manager and colleagues
  • Set up a sustainable home working environment
  • Move seamlessly to effective home working, and back to the office
  • Continue to be productive through effective goal setting and task management
  • Maintain positive mental health

When:  Scheduled start date to meet your requirements

Where:  Using video conferencing

How much:  £625 per person (Discounts for individual and company members)


Managing temporary Home workers

How do you manage people who are temporarily working at home?

If you suddenly find yourself having to do this, you need to understand some fundamental principles and practices that will determine success. Our short course uses live online sessions and 1 to 1 coaching to explore to help you learn how to

  • Manage your employees at a distance
  • Build and maintain trust
  • Run effective online meetings and projects
  • Align expectations to maintain productivity
  • Communicate effectively
  • Support your employees’ wellbeing and mental health
  • Tackle common technical issues

When: scheduled start date to meet your requirements 

Where: online video conferencing 

How much: £625 per person (Discounts for individual and company members)