Workshop: Shortcut to developing effective people


All our workshops are designed to have real and lasting impact. We work with you to adapt our workshops to your specific needs, and we carefully craft your learning experience to ensure maximum practical value.

All workshops are priced individually and can be personalised and repeated for multiple audiences.


Developing effective people has never been more important to companies, and the individuals themselves. As products, services and workplaces evolve, the pressure on people to keep up or lead the inevitable change is increasing on a daily basis.

These workshops are designed to enable people to flourish in their environment, whatever the pace or direction of change. The programme starts with a short contextualisation session with the programme leader. Three 90-minute workshop sessions spread over two weeks will enable participants to learn how to

  • Increase personal effectiveness at work whilst reducing effort and strain
  • Develop strategies that naturally bring the best from all their people
  • Look after the short and long term health of their people
  • Quantify the impact that wellness is having on key performance metrics

Cost:  For contextualisation session and three workshops £2,400 (maximum 20 participants)

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Why not add a two-day employee assessment phase to enrich the learning and accelerate the ROI?

** During this current COVID-19 period all workshops will be run using Zoom video conferencing **