The QoE online – Tues 3rd November

Due to current world challenges our QoE sessions are moving online via Zoom. A 90 minute session, 60 minutes of open debate and 30 minutes Q & A at the end.

Tuesday 3 November 13.00 - 14.30

Topic - How changes to insight are affecting customer and employee journeys

The last six months have brought a lot of change to customer and employee, how are we adapting to these changes?  Are we looking for new types of insight and designing new journeys or using existing insight to make temporary workarounds?

Has our approach to insight shifted to account for the pressure people are under?

Is this giving us more emotional rich insight?

Is the way we feed the insight into the journeys changed? And are we now mapping the customer and employee journeys differently?

Are the main effects manifesting themselves in the physical world or the digital/virtual and do we think they are permanent?

Have they become stable in an unstable environment?

Topics change every session, it’s an open debate and an opportunity to question, test and learn. You will finish each session with new knowledge, validated thoughts and a refreshed mindset.


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