Short course: Temporary home working


Duration: 8 days
Commitment: 2 hours per day
Outcome: increased self-awareness and confidence, and a fully developed action plan for working remotely

In this 1 week course we will help you work effectively away from the office. Using a combination of live sessions, online discussion and 1-2-1 coaching, you will learn how to

  • Set up a sustainable temporary working environment
  • Develop an effective remote working relationship with your manager and colleagues
  • Structure your working day to maximise productivity
  • Quickly develop a new pattern of work life balance

Price per person


The difference between working at home one or two days a week and not going to the office at all for an extended period is considerable.

If you suddenly need to work remotely, how can you ensure you will continue to be productive while keeping healthy and happy?

Who is the course for?

People with an office-based role who can’t get to the office for a significant period due to

  • Transport problems
  • Health problems
  • Family commitments
  • Office availability

How does it work?

Day 1  Introduction and exploration

We begin with a 2 hour Zoom session during which we explore the challenges and opportunities of temporary home working, identify the barriers and risks, and help you to define what success looks like.

Days 2 and 3  Coaching and interviewing

We work with each participant to establish personal priorities and address specific needs that include the environment, communication, task management, motivations, mental and physical health.

You identify colleagues important to your success and with whom you need the appropriate ways to engage.

Day 4  Removing barriers

A 1 hour interactive progress session where we examine the issues you have uncovered and provide guidance on tackling potential barriers to success.

Days 5, 6 and 7  Developing your action plan

We provide individual support to help you evolve your action plan as situations develop.

Day 8   Present and test your strategy

The course concludes with a 2 hour group session during which each participant presents their action plan and receives group coaching from The QoE Pro Team.