Short course: Managing those working at home


Duration: 8 days
Commitment: 2 hours per day
Outcome: a fully developed action plan for managing employees temporarily working at home

In this 1 week course we will help you manage office-based employees who need to work at home for an extended period. Using a combination of live sessions, online discussion and 1-2-1 coaching, you will learn how to

  • manage your employees at a distance
  • build a different type of trust
  • align expectations to maintain or increase productivity
  • help your team communicate effectively in a very different environment

Price per person


Planned remote working can unlock productivity, create happier staff, reduce environmental impact and create sustainable businesses.

But if you suddenly have to manage employees working from home, how do you do it? And how can you avoid many of the common problems?

Who is the course for?

Managers who need to learn how to support employees working remotely

How does it work?

Day 1:  Introduction and exploration

Our course starts with a 2 hour Zoom session in which we explore the specific issues you may face and define your key priorities for managing home working employees.

Days 2 and 3:  Coaching and interviewing

Working with each individual participant to create practical approaches that support   your key priorities.

Introducing coaching techniques that allow you to learn more about individual employee concerns.

Developing strategies that align your approach and expectations with employee needs and preferences when working at home.

Day 4:  Removing barriers

A 1 hour interactive progress session where we examine the issues you have uncovered and provide guidance on tackling potential barriers to success.

Days 5, 6 and 7:   Developing your action plan

We provide individual support to help evolve your action plan, and develop practical approaches to its delivery.

Day 8:   Present and test your strategy

The course concludes with a 2 hour group session during which each participant presents their action plan and receives group coaching from The QoE Pro Team.