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Individually we are good. But collectively we’re great. Engaging with The QoE gives you access to The QoE Professionals, a group of highly experienced specialists who are at the forefront of employee and customer experience. And they love helping people like you.

Carl Lyon

Current Role  Managing Director, The QoE

Background  Engineering, design, communications, specialising in customer engagement at all levels and of every complexity.

Why I joined the team  To share the insight and collective knowledge of The QoE. Focusing on people and helping those who are navigating the ups and downs of customer and employee experience management.

Stewart Bromley

Current Role  Chief Operating Officer, Atom Bank

Background  A professionally qualified coach with over 30 years’ international and blue chip corporate experience. Specialist business acumen in digital, change, IT, manufacturing, HR and customer service across automotive, telecommunications and financial service sectors.

Why I joined the team  To inspire leaders to deliver world class strategies for people and customer experience to underpin their business ambitions.

Jo Kennedy

Current role  Associate Coach, The QoE

Background  Leading large contact centres within financial services, developing and implementing strategies in CX and EX.

Why I joined the team  To support business leaders who want to deliver results by focusing on their employees’ experience. To do this in an environment where people feel safe to share their real world experiences, concerns, successes and questions.

Jonathan Cann

Current role  Global CRM Director at Namecheap 

Background  Over 20 years’ experience in marketing and customer experience. Learning my skills in customer strategies and journey development in the telco markets, then honing them in other industries (travel, financial, sports media and IT web development). Experienced in working with start ups, big corporates and everything in between.

Why I joined the team  To help people and businesses develop journeys that make customers and employees smile. At the same time continuing to learn from other industries and markets about what is possible.

Katy Pearce

Current role  Head of Customer Experience, Vodafone Business

Background  Significant experience in leading global change in telco B2B CX, including UX, across all segments covering insights and analytics, employee engagement, CX/UX design, design thinking applications.

Why I joined the team  To help CX leaders shape their strategic CX change programmes and share the experience of successfully operating in a global federated environment.

Lewis Ryden

Current role  Location Strategy, Lloyds Banking Group

Background  A range of customer insight and operational roles, primarily in financial services organisations, ranging from digital start-ups to large corporates.

Why I joined the team  To help companies maximise the value of their data to drive great outcomes for both the customer and the business.

Tony Reeves

Current Role  Subject Leader, Creative Education at University for the Creative Arts

Background  I have a PhD in Organisational Learning and Customer Experience Transformation and have been designing effective online learning for over ten years. An expert in researching and delivering creative learning experiences and a Senior Fellow of AdvanceHE.

Why I joined the team  For me, learning is everything. If we don’t learn, we don’t evolve. I believe the same is true for organisations and my passion is helping organisations to become more sustainable through better learning. Working with The QoE Pro Team enables me to develop their extensive knowledge and creative potential into learning experiences that everyone can access.

Nigel Keys

Current role  Associate Coach, The QoE

Background  Over 25 years in the financial services sector, focusing on customer and people experience and delivering transformational thought, operational, and cultural change. Qualified professional scrum master with strong understanding of Lean Six Sigma and agile methodologies.

Why I joined the team  I am passionate about building trust and loyalty for clients, creating truly customer centric cultures.

Tim Kitchener

Current role  CX Strategist, WPP

Background  Extensive experience in financial services (insurance) software development, telecommunications, utilities and automotive. Specialised in customer insight, journey mapping, Human Centred Design and change management.

Why I joined the team  To help advance CX as a multi-disciplined approach to deliver value to customers. To ensure organisations are best equipped to meet their customers evolving needs through insight, empathy and design thinking.

Robert Phillips

Current role  Head of Customer Experience at Overbury and Morgan Lovell

Background  20 years’ experience in transforming a business from an ‘also ran’ to a sustained market leader with a reputation for quality and excellent customer service. My experience covers change management, knowledge sharing, supply chain management, client feedback and business improvement gained through the roll out of ‘Customer Experience’ and ‘Perfect Delivery’ within Overbury and Morgan Lovell.

Why I joined the team  It’s too simplistic to say we need to put the customer at the heart of our business – life’s not that straightforward. However, it is true to say we need to do the right thing – for our customers, our people and our own business. I’m keen that others can learn from my journey towards doing the right thing – both its successes and failures, and in a way that keeps things simple and sustainable.

David Foord

Current role  Director of Nursing and Quality, NHS

Background  Board-level Registered Nurse, having worked in Mental Health, Public Health, Quality Improvement in commissioning and provision of services and seven years as the National Quality Lead for NHS Direct.

Why I joined the team  I am driven to improve the personalised experience for people at a population level, whether they are working to provide or are the recipient of services. I want to use my experience in quality improvement in the NHS and public sectors to support others on their improvement journey across a range of industries. I have a special interest in the use of digital and assistive technologies to improve the experience of both those providing and those receiving services.

Maria McCann

Current role  Founder, Neos Wave

Background  Digital customer experience, knowledge management, applying service in hyper growth and hyper change environments, making CS technology work in real life.

Why I joined the team  To help solve common service problems in uncommon ways.

Olly Gardner

Current role  Transformation Director

Background  A 17 year Army career in the Royal Signals, culminating in a Lieutenant Colonel position in Defence Intelligence, working with UK and overseas top secret departments. Post military roles include senior leadership appointments in gas and electric provider npower, leading the company’s customer experience transformation programme. My current role is leading a target operating model transformation for a multi-national IT function in a large retail and distribution business.

Why I joined the team  In my opinion, the definition of true success for a transformation programme is the sustainability of any changes made. It’s easy to identify quick wins that superficially change a company’s fortunes in the short-term, but to build lasting success is much more of a challenge. My military and civilian leadership experience in some of the most challenging and demanding locations in the world has helped me to empathise with organisations and lead people on transformation journeys.

Leigh Page

Current role  Associate Coach, The QoE

Background  Over 30 years’ experience in the energy sector.  Experienced in driving customer experience (focusing on vulnerable customers), strategy (driving change and professionalism through cohesion and direction), strategic workforce management (forward planning for the workforce), national emergency centres (leadership, customers and delivery), regulation (a commercial mindset in a regulated industry). Honing this experience in the development of customer vulnerability strategies and customer transformation journeys.

Why I joined the team  To help individuals and businesses develop an understanding of their customer needs as they cultivate their ambitions. To continue to learn from others.


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