GROUP discussions

“It’s very rare to find an effective group coaching environment – The QoE Discussions do just that.” Stewart Bromley, First Direct

The QoE discussions provide you with a full day of debate to energise your thinking and give you fresh insights to take back into your organisation. We create a non-judgmental, safe environment where you can share your challenges, explore solutions and learn from others.

We offer six dates per year, each session limited to 15 participants to ensure everyone can engage fully in the discussion.

The day starts at 10.30 in Soho London with coffee and introductions to the other 12 – 15 people joining you at the table. The debate is always friendly, stimulating and informative.  Everyone is free to contribute and reflect on other comments but look out for some pivotal questions from our Chairman and your fellow participants. The QoE is a PowerPoint free zone and talking before you’ve thought things through is encouraged.  The fun begins at 11.00 with a break for coffee and lunch, finishing at 16.00.

To maintain integrity, The QoE reserves the right to select participants.

14 May

16 July

17 Sept

22 Oct

26 Nov

It all began back in 1999 when customer experience started to develop. Our approach then was to bring senior leaders and operational leads together to scope the opportunities and challenges. Over the years the debate has continued to evolve, as has the mechanism used to enable participants to maximise the collective learning, not only for themselves but for their company. Booking a place at the table includes a pre and post 30 minute evaluation call with our Discussion Chairman to augment what you take away from the session. Everyone one in The QoE team originally joined us as discussion group participants and still take part in the sessions today.