This week Carl is joined by Deb Corless, one of the founders of the CX movement in the UK to discuss the unfolding impacts of the Covid-19 crisis. This wide ranging conversation raised some interesting issues for people working in customer and employee experience who are concerned about future direction.

Some of the questions addressed in this session

  • How will pre crisis perception of brands hold up over the coming months?
  • Are some companies relying on people’s short memories to survive?
  • Do you pass the transparency test especially in respect of monetary interactions?
  • How well do companies understand and deliver to core needs?
  • Is employee experience too attached to customer experience?
  • Developing new ways to stimulate coincidental meetings and new relationships?

The session finishes by looking at the need for maintaining adult to adult relationships, trust, and transparency during periods of change and downsizing. Advice on how companies can navigate a successful route through the coming months and years while looking after themselves and others.

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