Sure, you may have some buildings, machines, and a whole lot of stationary. But these won’t help you much without a bunch of people.

Similarly, your employees are your customers.

When people work for you, it’s a transaction: you’re buying their time. But time is a complex product – it can be used effectively or it can be wasted.

So it’s no surprise that employee experience is increasingly recognised as a key driver of productivity and growth. A company’s workforce is one of its highest costs, and yet it is often the aspect that receives the least attention.

Most companies now recognise that improving customer experience is integral to competing effectively. But relatively few have fully acknowledged the critical role of employee experience in determining customers’ experiences.

We recently debated the relationship between employee and customer experience on our ExperienceCast podcast with the help of Stewart Bromley, COO of Atom Bank, Kath King, Head of Customer Experience at LV=, and Rob Phillips, Customer Experience Manager at Overbury.


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