Topic: If 2020 is the year of the employee, what does this mean for customer experience?


Employee experience is increasingly recognised as a priority in developing sustainable businesses. But what does this mean for customer experience?

Our last discussion highlighted need for alignment across customer and employee experience. Both these areas have a shared objective in using experience to underpin the success of a company. It therefore stands to reason that both areas will share similar approaches to creating value, such as surveys, workshops and journey mapping.

But surprisingly, the biggest difference in customer and employee experience seems to be in how insight is collected, valued and used to drive actions.

If 2020 is to be the year of the employee, we need to look the different types of employee insight and clearly link the findings to tangible ROI. The combination of customer and employee insight will provide a more complete picture to help us develop a whole range of improvements.

Morning Session: how can employee experience help us to

  • optimise business performance?
  • develop and retain talent?
  • become truly customer-centric?
  • create opportunities for innovation and agility?
  • improve employee wellbeing?
  • foster a positive working environment?

Lunch: quickfire questions from the table

Afternoon session: actions and outcomes

  • Identifying your priorities for employee experience
  • Considering how analytics can help you
  • Developing actions that move the needle on employee experience

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