If we look at customers as the environment and employees as the capabilities, employees are key to the evolution and survival of a business. We are hearing more and more how we need to look after the health, wellbeing and creativity of our people, something we started to discuss at our last session on leading from the middle. So how do we do this?

In this episode of ExperienceCast, we dig in to this question with the help of Stewart Bromley, COO of Atom Bank, Rob Philips, Customer Experience Manager at Overbury, and Kathryn King, Head of Employee Experience at LV=. Key insights include: 

  • Take some time to really understand what your business wants from employee experience before embarking on a strategy.
  • It is increasingly important to try and personalise benefits to meet the expectations of individual employees.
  • Managers must be supported to use their use their judgment on issues that affect employee experience instead of just following process.
  • Most business that are good at employee and customer experience have several measures running concurrently, and are not afraid to change them.

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