Customers are increasingly connected, knowledgeable, cloud sourcing, collaborative, impatient … and taking control. Shouldn't we be?

Working with us connects you to the knowledge and experience of people like you.

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During the last 10 years of The QoE people like you have been exploring customer experience to find solutions to the complex issues involved in its development. The Fellows of The QoE have a unique understanding, not only of their own industries, but of the broader operational issues experienced across many markets.

This knowledge and experience, delivered through The QoE Light Touch Consultancy rivals any of the mainstream consultancy firms, without the heavy cost implications. Understanding the complex strategic and practical issues you face, as well as the commercial implications, enables us to consider, collaborate, construct and implement, enabling you to deliver measurable results. It all starts with a conversation.


People like you are facing questions such as:

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1. How can I get an external view of what is possible and how?

OK, so we get that we can learn from others and we've seen the presentations, but how do we get under the hood to see what makes things work?  We find that listening to the explanation of how and why helps, especially when it's part of a true debate on associated topics.

Participating in our main discussion group or bringing a panel into your business will help.

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2. How do I find best practice and get things done?

'How to sessions' allow you access to the collective knowledge, skills and experiences of people who have faced similar tasks of how to 

  • Learn and lead through customer insight
  • Develop your customer experience strategy
  • Map your customer journeys
  • Use customer feedback to define marketing propositions
  • Develop and run your own Voice of the Customer programme
  • Measure and understand results
  • Run and benefit from social media communities
  • Embed the right behaviours
  • Move to people experience, why, the benefits and strategies

These can take the form of workshops, popup up sessions or one to one support, either face to face, via video or phone.

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3. Where do I start?

Sometimes there’s a direction to follow and occasionally we’re faced with a blank sheet. Either way, accessing the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities we’ve inherited is key to getting a successful start. Learning from the experiences of others will help, as will acquiring an understanding of what is important and why, more quickly.

We can help with both. Panel sessions or workshop scenarios are probably the way forward, but a broader staggered engagement may be preferable.

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4. How can I increase my knowledge and understanding to allow me to find my own answers?

Join us as we share our knowledge and experience to build a collective and individual understanding that will allow you to decide

  • How to tailor delivery to your environment
  • What is sustainable
  • How to drive consistency

Our main group sessions can help as they include pre and post meeting discussions that result in more context rich insight and solution development. We often take these into popup sessions with 2-3 organisations addressing similar issues.

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5. How can I find a way forward?

Ask the best of people like you, from a variety of markets, to review where you are today and offer you qualified options on what you can achieve in the future.

Everyone reaches this point and we have people that can work with you in a one off or a series of sessions to help you find and prioritise your next move/s

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6. How can I raise the profile of the customer experience agenda?

Each one of us has faced this challenge at some point and we’ve used many different strategies to accomplish our goals. We share these to help you find what will work for you. As with others who have found this useful, you will then be able to

  • Engage a wider audience in your organisation
  • Move customer experience up the agenda
  • Communicate the commercial value of customer experience
  • Develop a better understanding across functions and silos

Engaging conversations, presentations and popup sessions or operating and commercial model discussions . . . you decide the direction and we can provide the support.

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7. What does good look like?

This is not an easy question to answer as context and expectation play such an important role in determining an individual’s experience. However, by having your situation examined from a variety of perspectives we are able to help you piece together what good looks like for you.

Inevitably this requires a tailored approach and we would be delighted to have a conversation to establish what’s best for you.

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8. Who is truly willing and able to help?

We are people just like you, facing similar challenges and responsibilities. Our approach has been to use our collective knowledge and experience to create, qualify and steer our efforts to deliver commercially beneficial experiences. Over the last ten years many people – over 400 at the last count – have proved that it’s an approach that works.

We’re here, willing and able . . . call, email, link or tweet.

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9. How do I get involved?

We support each other in many different ways, it really depends on your needs. It may be helpful for you to join our exploration of customer experience at our bi-monthly meetings. Or it may be that addressing a specific issue through a group or individual session will enable you to address your current challenges. It's very much up to you how you use the knowledge and experience of the group.

It all starts with a conversation. How can we help?

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10. Quick answers to ‘What is The QoE?’

  • The QoE is the collective knowledge and experience of people like you
  • Individually we are good, collectively we can be brilliant
  • People like us helping people like us


There’s always something going on. ..


It all starts with a conversation, call, email, link or tweet. Or send us a message, we look forward to hearing from you.

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