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Lewis has broad commercial experience working across multiple disciplines in both small and large organisations. He initially joined The QoE in 2006 whilst at Lloyds Bank, looking for support in helping back office teams to understand the role they played in delivering the customer experience, and has been a regular contributor to the discussions ever since. In 2015 Lewis joined The QoE team full time.

Joining Lloyds Commercial Service after university, Lewis quickly moved into the Customer Insight area, working with the early behaviour analysis teams and customer profitability models. This was followed by developing the business plans for Lloyds Internet Banking which at the time was the most visited financial services website in Europe. He then moved into Lloyds Call Centres where he was responsible for the call planning, IVR, and resourcing of the large multi-site operation, winning awards for Most Efficient Call Centre Operation in Financial Services.

Lewis brings an analytical, yet collaborative approach to the team and works to simplify complex ideas. He is currently involved in projects as a consultant with The QoE, developing journey maps and experience blueprints, as well as trying to understand the perpetual questions of why sometimes customers do not behave as expected, and do happy cows really produce better milk?


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