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Prior to founding The QoE in 2005, Carl’s roles included technical sales, marketing, leadership and brand development with a focus on delivering end to end customer solutions that provided sustainable growth. Originating in engineering his career took him into design, manufacturing, field force, billing and other software industries. During this time Carl demonstrated the ability to interpret customer needs and concepts that enabled projects to realise their full potential.

This led to involvement in the fledging concept of customer and employee experience and ten years ago, recognising the demands and unique challenges faced by large organisations, Carl founded The QoE. Then a relatively small group of senior executives with a desire to explore the challenges involved in delivering exceptional customer and employee experience, The QoE has now developed into a unique hub of insight into the problems these large businesses face. This has intensified Carl’s interest in the advance of more effective working practises, management styles and commercial customer focus and remains his passion and business philosophy.

He continues to have the primary role in developing The QoE’s approach to supporting individuals and organisations improve their customer and employee experience in an ever-changing world. His communication skills, combined with an analytical approach, are key to The QoE. He embraces challenging the traditional view and questioning different standpoints and relishes the learning from sharing a wide breadth of issues that allows individuals to develop thoughts and solutions in the context of their own working environment.

Carl is increasingly asked to share his experience and the insight and knowledge of The QoE at international conferences, internal presentations and workshops for delegates from different cultures and with different approaches.


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