August/September topic: Reward and recognition - time for personalisation?

Reward and recognition - time for personalisation?

Tuesday 8th August and Tuesday 12th September 11.30 – 4.30
Quo Vadis, Dean Street, London W1D 3LL

Are you recognised for all the good work that you do? How should you reward your employees? And do these strategies have the intended effect?

If customer experience (CX) has taught us anything, it is that customers value personalisation. Personalised experiences are perceived as more authentic, and therefore have greater influence over behaviour and buying decisions.

Yet we are only just beginning to understand how employee experience influences CX. Our recent topics on the role of HR and in CX have revealed that reward and recognition strategies are a powerful lever in influencing employee behaviour. But approaches to rewarding and recognising employees have so far failed to reflect the increased personalisation experienced by customers, leading to a potential risk of disengagement and underperformance.

As customer, employee, and digital experience mature, reward and recognition strategies must also evolve to match the sophistication and personalisation that CX is achieving. While tried and tested initiatives such as ‘employee of the month’ have had some positive impact, these formats increasingly lack the personal touch expected by younger employees who want to feel genuinely valued for their work.

During this topic, we’ll be asking:
•    What is the difference between reward and recognition?
•    What do both terms mean for millenials, and how do they influence behaviour?
•    Should we be rewarding the person or the employee?
•    What role does ‘thank you’ have to play? Is this reward, recognition, or something else entirely?
•    Who should be thanking who? And should this be done publicly or in private?

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By Carl Lyon at 13 Jul 2017, 14:03 PM


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