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Customer experience: time to go back to the future?

The business discipline we now call customer experience began by examining and valuing the quality of customer interactions. As the thinking has matured, journey mapping and root cause analysis have helped organisations tackle - and in some cases eliminate – the source of poor experience.

A separate industry has developed to measure customer advocacy and loyalty, and the scores achieved have been improving year on year. But while so much has improved, little has changed in both B2C and B2B markets.  We have dealt with the low hanging fruit and are in danger of simply using service recovery scores to paper over the cracks in organisations.

The real benefits come from reducing or eliminating poor service and moving towards proactive experiences that drive businesses forward. Understanding what customers actually do rather than what they say they will do, can transform business insight and drive effective decision making.

Now that we can see the transformational potential of customer experience, do we need to revisit the customer interaction using today’s improved technology and understanding?  How might this help us drive a more responsive future that better suits today’s complex, evolving environment?

The discussion will look at how we

  •          Extrapolate real-time knowledge from customer interaction

  •          Empower real-time and pragmatic thinking

  •          Build working hypotheses that can deliver accurate ROI scenarios

By Carl Lyon at 26 Oct 2016, 15:15 PM


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