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Collaboration, cooperation or coordination?


Our next series of QoE discussions take place on

  • Thursday 7th July             CX Group at The Aviator, Farnborough
  • Tuesday 12th July             Half day London
  • Thursday 4th August        Digital Group at The Aviator, Farnborough

How can the internal functions of an organisation align to deliver one version of the truth to customers? And whose responsibility is it to make this happen?

Before omnichannel, there were fewer opportunities for customers to interact with a business. Delivering a consistent message was easier as organisations had more control over the availability of knowledge. But in a world of searchable knowledge, customers have unprecedented power to examine a business across multiple touchpoints. So how can an organisation ensure that only one version of the truth is available?

Today’s customers want and expect a consistent experience. Consistency increases trust in the brand, drives repeat business and is key to managing expectations. But how does a business coordinate its activity in order to deliver a consistent experience across all of its channels? And in an increasingly sophisticated service environment, how much control does a business have over the factors that affect consistency.

Discussions on this topic will focus on:

  • What does a consistent experience look and feel like from an internal perspective?
  • How do you deliver consistency across a business?
  • Who is responsible for coordinating activity and ensuring consistency?

Should we be focusing on collaborating, cooperating, or coordinating? Find out by joining our July/August discussions.


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