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The QoE March/April 2016

Thursday 17th March, Full day CX Group Farnborough
Wednesday 23rd March Half day CX Group London
Thursday 14th April, Full day Digital Group Farnborough

Confidence in CX

We know that confidence plays a key role in creating excellent customer experience,  but building confidence is no easy task. Previous discussions at the QoE have revealed  that we need a better understanding of how and why we value things in relation to CX, and confidence is no exception.

While businesses seek to grow their own confidence, they often fail to appreciate the value of helping customers develop theirs. But as complexity increases, a customer’s  level of confidence is becoming an essential factor in their ability to navigate the  business environment successfully.

Businesses who understand the relationship between confidence and CX will be better placed to understand their customers’ needs, differentiate more effectively and reap  the benefits. Our March/April discussions will focus on:

  • Confidence as a customer outcome
  • Confidence in CX as a business approach
  • Confidence in how we promote and deliver our service

How could your business benefit from more confident customers? Join the discussion to find out.

By Carl Lyon at 26 Feb 2016, 06:03 AM


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