The QoE May/June 2016

Wednesday 11 May    CX Farnborough
Thursday 26 May        Half day London
Wednesday 8 June    Digital Farnborough


Personalisation has never been more desirable and achievable, but gathering and analysing the information required to deliver it is far from easy. Increasing personalisation also intensifies the challenge of responding appropriately to customers’ needs, desires and emotional expectations.

Even though a proactive survey approach is usually used to obtain customer insight, reverting to a more reactive or ‘listening’ mode may in fact be a more effective strategy in a climate of increased personalisation. Whereas surveying invites responses to our questions, listening enables us to tune in to the experiences taking place both inside and outside our organisation. Listening also has the additional advantage of giving us data from a wider audience, helping us to construct a richer understanding of what is actually happening.

Moving beyond customers and listening to a wider audience enables us to capture true and emerging needs and desires. But, and just as importantly, our listening strategy needs to extend deep into our own organisation, going beyond service and into operations, design, and business prioritisation. The more we listen internally, the more we are able to tune in to what is actually driving experiences and develop long-term solutions to generating quality experience.

During the discussions on this topic we will be looking for key outputs in the following areas:

  • Identifying the most effective surveying examples and experiences

  • Exploring the advantages we can expect from expanding the audience

  • Understanding the relationship between facts, opinions, and what we feel 

  • Considering how we might use this new insight and to what effect

Customers continue to ask for more innovation more quickly, and satisfying their growing demands requires us to adopt different tools, strategies and thinking. How can we achieve this? Join us to find out.

By Carl Lyon at 5 Apr 2016, 11:18 AM


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