Topic for The QoE July 2015

Our next main group discussion will be on Thursday 9th July9.30-4.30 at The Aviator, Farnborough GU14 6EL

The topic
Turning theory into practise (tools specific)

Inevitably a debate on turning theory into practise will need to cover many different scenarios, some simple and others complex. Studying output from our previous session would indicate there are three main areas to be considered - implementing strategy, engaging people and identifying and employing the right tools.

Due to time restraints and the interest in both strategy and people engagement we rarely do justice to the tools debate. In order to correct the balance, in this discussion we will attempt to take a selection of challenges and the desired outcomes, theories for their resolution and people engagement as accepted facts. This should allow us to concentrate on identifying and implementing practical tools and technology.

The combined knowledge and experience at the table will allow some challenges to be quickly shared and addressed by the group. It would also be good to have visibility of others before the debate and your suggestions are welcome.

Some of the areas already suggested are :

  •         Workshop ideas and aids
  •         Customer insight and measurement
  •         Online learning and post workshop support
  •         Multi-channel implementation
  •         Internal knowledge share

As always personal views are also appreciated, as are unique ideas and practices. The more we share, the more we take away.

By Carl Lyon at 8 Jun 2015, 13:58 PM


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