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The QoE Discussion Topic November 2015
Educating customers

Why, when information, advice and opinion is so readily available, should educating customers have become such an important issue.

Perhaps changes in the way people find, collect and retain information gives us a false impression of customers’ understanding of complex issues. It is also difficult, even impossible, for companies to understand the context or environment in which a product or service is being used. What we are seeing is a rise in, at best, customer queries and, at worst, customer frustration. In some cases complex technology is the root cause, in other circumstances it provides the answers.

Regulation, or indeed de-regulation, can also be a burden on companies providing the service/product when educating the customer.

As always how companies respond to the problem has a fundamental effect on customer relationships. Some choose to pass the problem on to other companies in the delivery chain, as is happening with telco and customer data use.

Others are tackling education through industry bodies or forums, or their own marketing functions, with an increasing use of digital and multimedia channels. What many are failing to see is the importance of aligning these efforts to customer service delivery. Self-service and assisted service are often seen as the natural starting point but can this really drive a full and contextualised  - understanding?

Customer experience is uniquely placed to bring these elements together, especially when combined with employee experience. Understanding can, and will, win companies new and loyal customers. Cost to service will be reduced and employee engagement and advocacy will bring sustainability and consistency.

Key issues in educating customers

  •  What information do we provide to whom, and how?
  •  Understanding customer context and environment
  •  Combining fact and opinion to produce knowledge
  •  Working with regulators, partners, competitors and educators
  •  Turning knowledge into understanding

By Carl Lyon at 16 Nov 2015, 12:39 PM


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