iQoE date confirmed

Posted on 14 Oct 2014 by Carl Lyon

The second group discussion exploring Digital Customer Experience will be taking place in London on Thursday 6th December 12pm-4pm. Download the notes from the first meeting here

Please contact Antonia if you would like to be involved.

Topic brief for November 2014

Posted on 1 Oct 2014 by Carl Lyon

19th/20th November at The Aviator, Farnborough GU14 6EL

How do we drive UX to improve LTV?  Is delivering WYSIWYG the answer? Can M2M and IoT help?

(Making things better and straight forward for people and businesses using technology).

Studying the CMS and QR, from our last OS, API and FTP hosted by our DN, would suggest that having our heads in the cloud and in real time is a challenge for the HIPPO in companies.

(Our last QoE discussion showed us that today’s technology is challenging leadership in new ways).

Having looked back at the last 10 years of development in customer experience, the overriding theme has been how we’ve adapted products, systems and tools to the advantage of both the customer and companies. But too often compelling sales pitches lead us further away from the behavioural change that drives good business and customer outcomes.

Perhaps this highlights, more than anything else, that developing good experience requires constant creative thinking and agility to meet the challenges of the real world in which operate. We have all seen examples of how CRM promised to revolutionise customer experience. In fact of course it was only part of the change needed. The same can be said of some measurement systems. But we’ve also seen that when these have been adapted or put into their proper context, they’ve added substantially to a broader programme of change.

We are now in another period of change where technology is promising so much but needs to be seen in its true context and used creatively to drive real benefit. The agility and scalability of cloud computing, data and smart devices, combined with the mind-set of digital start up organisations, affords us great insight into the challenges and opportunities of delivering these effortless experiences. However, it is understandable that many organisations struggle with the technology, new ways of thinking, communicating and investment strategies associated with the digital economy.

On top of this, resource is now becoming a serious issue. Finding the right competencies, acumen and leadership is becoming increasing difficult, especially as expectations on working environment, structure and motivations evolve to meet the connected society’s needs and desires. In actuality, good leaders are increasingly able to influence communities of people, rather than separate stakeholders, employees and customers groups. But who these leaders are may not be consistent with traditional organisational structures.

Once again it will be those that understand and adapt who will drive and benefit from better and increasingly effortless experiences.

I hope this hasn’t been TL:DR you have our IP address please let us know if you can join us.

(Too long: Didn’t Read)

API                                                         Application programming interface

CMS                                                       Content management system

DN                                                          Domain name

FTP                                                         File transfer protocol

HIPPO                                                    Highest paid person’s opinion

IoT                                                          Internet of things

IP                                                            Internet protocol

LTV                                                         Lifetime value

M2M                                                       Machine to machine

OS                                                          Open source

QR                                                          Quick response

UX                                                          User experience

WYSIWYG                                            What you see is what you get

Tasting workshop - an interesting evening

Posted on 25 Sep 2014 by Carl Lyon

“A thoroughly enjoyable workshop, interesting and fun” .    Dave Thomson, salesforce.

The QoE ‘workshop with a difference’ was a fun exercise in highlighting how personal tastes are influenced by experiences, not just genetics.  After tasting a variety of food and paired drink everyone was brave enough to try a umami test to discover the’ super tasters’  -  we had quite a few!

Clare Whitehead from Liberty Wines returned with a grand selection of wines and sake and we were also delighted to welcome back Mark Roberts who joined The QoE when at Lloyds Banking Group Insurance, now a very successful entrepreneur having founded his online beer company, Beerhawk. Mark’s beers were extremely well received and we hope to repeat the workshop in the near future for those who couldn’t attend this time. It certainly gave us good insight into how different we all are and how a tailored approach provides a quality experience.

Click here to see the menu from the evening

Multi region experience

Posted on 24 Sep 2014 by Carl Lyon

multi region

These are the initial thoughts from the discussion on multi region customer experience......much more to follow.

If you would like more info or to be involved in the next discussion in December, please contact us.

Multi region customer experience

Posted on 22 Aug 2014 by Carl Lyon

Tuesday 2nd September 12pm – 4pm  in London

Customer experience in a multi regional organisation

A new group aimed at exploring Customer Experience in group functions in country or world regions and the issues, in particular ownership, measurement, reward and how to drive change, all of which are complicated by cultural differences – the dynamics are still the same. 

Kindly hosted by Kcom Group, 2nd Floor, 26 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1DS

Please email Antonia if you would like to join this group.


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