Topic for May meeting

Posted on 31 Mar 2015 by Carl Lyon

The May meeting will be held on Wednesday 6th May and Thursday 21st May in London. Same agenda both days on the topic

Using environments to maximise experience

The first question is, whose environment? Customers, field engineers, managers, sales assistants, call centre staff, analysts even CEOs are affected in ways that they probably don’t recognise.

The issues are then complicated by where. In store, in the office - or any number of other regular or fleeting environments. Some of these can be influenced by companies, others are of course beyond their reach. Then add mobile working, purchasing, information and knowledge sharing.

At first glance it may appear that the situation is becoming increasingly difficult. We believe the opposite is true and might be forgiven for using an over simplified stereotype that existed a few years ago to demonstrate the point. 

The CEO sits in a comfortable office where all his needs are taken care of. Managers work in adequate offices surrounded by colleagues, sales assistants are walking the floor, call centres are in large open plan buildings and field engineers work with a great deal of autonomy.

Customers look for information and reassurance. They purchase from a PC at home, in store and deal direct with field engineers. Requesting service is usually done on the phone, complaints registered via email or letter. Each is a specific environment reducing the complexity but maximising the difference in mindset produced by the surroundings.

Of course all this isn’t new and many organisations and individuals have devised strategies to combat negative effects.  However we now have the opportunity to close the gap even further by helping companies to provide products and services not just fit for purpose but for the real world of their customers.

Working in the same ‘head space’ as your customers will get you closer to right time every time. The question is, how do we get there? Simulation, stimulation or something else completely?

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Reflections from January QoE

Posted on 9 Mar 2015 by Carl Lyon

Please click here for the Reflections from The QoE in January on Developing People for - and within - the Customer Experience environment.

Truth vs trust in employee advocacy

Posted on 4 Mar 2015 by Tony Reeves Digital Pedagogy and Learning Technologist at the University for the Creative Arts

Do you ask your employees to convey the 'truth' about your organisation? Or do you trust them to have their own opinions? 

This important distinction emerged during the recent Digital Experience summit hosted by the QoE. As organisations are forced to take a stance on how their employees use social media, the extent to which they are allowed to express their own opinions is a key question. 

A company's approach to social media can reveal a great deal about its internal culture. As Carl Lyon, QoE discussion group chairman, stated during the discussion, "digital just reveals what is already there". Employees can be powerful advocates, and a new generation of customers increasingly expects to be able to talk to 'real' people rather than simply company mouthpieces. But leaders and managers often find it difficult to overcome the trust deficit and empower employees to become effective advocates.

A further key theme emerging form the summit was the growing need to treat people as people. It sounds obvious, but it's so easy to group and label people as 'employees' or 'customers'. They are individual people, and social media has made it clear that every person has wants, needs, beliefs and opinions. Organisations that understand this have a powerful advantage over those that do not, as their products, services and reputation are shaped by these wants and needs. 

The increased transparency afforded through social media can also bring internal benefits. If staff are trusted and encouraged to express their opinion kind they are likelier to be happier and more engaged, which in turn can bring better knowledge-sharing and opportunities for innovation.

The downside of such transparency is that it is no longer to control the corporate message or 'truth' of an organisation, a key marketing requirement throughout the 20th century. But in an era of social business it is necessary for organisations to shift their operational models to respond effectively to cultural - and technological - change. 

Those that do not are likely to find themselves increasingly bewildered by the social nature of business.

The QoE March topic

Posted on 12 Feb 2015 by Carl Lyon

The next main group discussion is 18th and 19th March at The Aviator in Farnborough. Both days run to the same agenda 9.30-4.30, please contact Antonia if you would like to attend either day. The topic is

The Art of Keeping Things Simple

Simple but engaging propositions are increasingly dominating market share, by delivering experiences that win and retain profitable customers. However, we’re faced with an increasingly complex world so how do we design and deliver simple but effective products, messaging and services that are still fit for purpose?   

iQoE Venue information

Posted on 12 Feb 2015 by Carl Lyon

The iQoE Digital group 12-4pm on 25th February will be held at 

104 Milligan Street, London E14 8AS

Closest Station Westferry - its literally opposite. Closest car park. Jubilee Car Park, Canary Wharf

We will be providing a working lunch and some practical exploration which is new for this group. Please see below for the full brief.



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