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Digital CX: Game changer or distraction?

Posted on 7 Feb 2017 by Tony Reeves

23rd February 12pm - 4pm London

At their best, digital tools lead and shape customer interactions, can be informative, easy to use, and make information available on demand. But just as frequently, they can be frustratingly complicated, result in incomplete journeys and used as pushy sale tools.

These positives and negatives are also experienced in the digital tools we use within our companies. However, employees often have to contend with the added frustration of being forced to use poorly designed tools due to lack of investment in the lasted technology.

Digital customer experience undoubtedly presents both huge benefits and significant challenges, which in many ways reflect those of traditional customer experience. Done well, the digital environment can create effortless and engaging experiences that drive sales, loyalty and advocacy. But among the key challenges are obtaining a single view of the customer, the need for a company to talk with one voice, and the difficulty of addressing internal attitudes and silos.

Ultimately, digital customer experience is forcing many companies to revisit their core purpose. Thriving in a digital ecosystem requires a coherent, authentic and inclusive approach to customer experience, but to what extent should digital merge with existing approaches to customer experience?

Discussions on this topic will cover:

  • The benefits and challenges of a ‘digital first’ approach to customer experience
  • What needs to change to deliver effortless digital experiences
  • The importance of using digital to create functional connections for customers

As ever, your input at the discussions would be valued.

Qoe September: Is Customer Experience the ultimate reality check?

Posted on 5 Sep 2016 by Tony Reeves

Reality Check


Our previous discussions on Collaboration, Cooperation or Coordination highlighted the need for companies to be working in the real world if they are to avoid the customer experience shock. But what do we mean by this?


Many companies have a sound reputations for products and services, but these reputations regularly come unstuck when confronted by customers’ real-world experiences. This situation often arises because the company’s assessment of the customer’s world is not consistent with the customer’s reality.


There is a lot behind this, and although large organisations can be very slow, deliberate, and risk averse, a bigger risk is that they become isolated from the real world. This is an interesting phenomenon, particularly as every single person working in the company is part of the real world.


Experiences are the ultimate reality check. Data gives us a view of our customers, but behaviours give us the outcome driven by the experience. It’s what people do - not what they say they will do - that counts. What’s more, your experience, and those of the people who work with you, is all part of the picture. So how can we bring this together with customer experience?


Key questions that we will explore during this topic include:

  • How do we get closer to the real-world experiences of our customers and employees?
  • How can customer experience help us develop more coordinated and cohesive companies?
  • How can we bring these real-world experiences to life within our companies?

We look forward to hearing about your experiences, book your place at the table to benefit from these discussions.


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