Workshops have been designed and run to suit a variety of audiences and cover a large range of topics. A few examples are listed below. We're looking forward to developing more as we learn about the issues you are facing.


Moving from good to great

Customer experience is nothing new but good is no longer good enough. As expectations increase and the pace of change drives ever faster, the emphasis is on agility. How quickly can you

  • Innovate and adapt to changing needs
  • Change business models
  • Develop new cultures and behaviours
  • Exploit new technology and communication channels


Improving engagement

The three most important factors in defining customer experience are engagement, engagement and engagement. Whether it's your customers, partners or stakeholders you'll need to

  • Understand and influence the people who lead, influence and deliver customer experience
  • Align with key financial and business objectives
  • Impact customer experience through behavioural change
  • Move from customer to people experience


Developing a commercial experience approach

This workshop is ideal for anyone looking to achieve both a high level customer experience and a high commercial performance, it covers

  • Understanding the true worth of customer experience
  • The process of understanding your key customer needs
  • How to define products, propositions and services that meet customer needs
  • How to ensure effective delivery by engaging your colleagues in the organisation
  • The return on investment metrics and how to bring them in line with the currency of your business


Tomorrow is here - preparing an organisation for the digital future

Facebook now has over a billion subscribers. The digital space is growing faster than anyone predicted. Are you occupying your space in this expanding universe and are you an influencer or a follower? You'll need to know

  • Why digital and when?
  • Emerging business and customer needs
  • How to engage effectively with your audience
  • When to be proactive and when reactive - and how
  • How to use social media within an organisation
  • How get people using, enjoying and contributing

The best workshops are designed to meet a need, what's yours?


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