The speed of the change in the digital world continues to amaze. The agility, power and speed of this real world phenomenon challenges the purpose, financial structure, route to market, service delivery and, most importantly, the decision making and management of even the strongest companies. As a result the fundamental elements of customer experience are accentuated by increased expectation of a fast, joined up and personal experience.

All too often companies see digital as a bolt on to marketing, sales or service so that it ultimately fails to deliver anywhere near its full potential and stresses an organisation to breaking point.

This is the same dynamic as poor deployment of customer experience. Both need to mature into people experience where the needs of people are satisfied by the purpose of an organisation. Decision making, management style and reward all appeal to a broader set of motivations.

Now and in the future there will be better opportunities to generate engagement, sales and loyal customers. We are getting better at technology. We’re changing the way we do business and the skills, attitudes and behaviours of our people are presenting the biggest challenge.

Key Issues


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Exploring the issues, identifying and envisioning solutions

This encapsulates The QoE nicely, we have a proven process of stimulation, thought leadership and reflection that takes participants from questions to answers.  

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Developing and refining solutions

The ability to bring a wide range of knowledge and experience into workshops and planning sessions brings quality results . . . fast.

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Enhancing your people

It’s the people not the technology that will make or break digital implementation. Leadership and management styles need to adapt, technicians need training and motivation.  

Examining your organisation’s people proposition will help to identify and develop skills as well as aptitude.

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Focused specialist interventions

Speed and agility require temporary access to quality specialist support. We can source specialists that are recommended by The QoE participants, bringing quality and peace of mind when you need it most.

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Flexible people resource

Many organisations are expanding, whilst others are rationalising their geographically spread digital work force. This gives us the opportunity to build and develop a skills resource fulfilling insource or outsource needs. 


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